• Where to get money for an apartment?

    A feature of the real estate market in Russia is the high price of housing. It is such that not all citizens can afford to buy an apartment, even an economy class at its own expense. Buying luxury housing is not even going. You can become an owner of residential premises by purchasing ready-made housing (new or on the secondary market), independently building a house, participating in shared construction or in an accumulative housing cooperative. Each family decides where to get money for an apartment, independently.


    Commercial banks are happy to provide borrowed funds for the purchase of housing. Getting a loan is possible if a citizen has a stable source of income, earnings, he works in a serious organization with “white” wages, has a good credit history, does not have serious chronic diseases or incurable diseases, and is not keen on extreme sports and leisure activities .

    When mortgage lending banks issue money to buy an apartment on the security of the most acquired property.That is, until the final repayment of the loan, you will not be able to make any transaction on the alienation of the apartment without obtaining the consent of the bank. But there is a prospect of losing a mortgage apartment due to violation of the terms of making payments, which may be the result of loss of work, prolonged illness or death. Upon receipt of a mortgage loan, the borrower must have funds for the initial payment and have a decent salary, because under the circumstances, only having income exceeding the average salary in Russia, you can pay the mortgage. In the mortgage, you can buy new housing and residential premises in the secondary market. Initially, you usually need to make from 10 to 30% of the cost of the apartment, the rest of the money will need to be made in parts for up to 20 years.

    To get a mortgage loan, you need to contact the bank and issue a standard package of documents. Since the rates on a mortgage loan are different in banks, the conditions for issuing and returning money also differ, it is better to get acquainted with the offers of different banks.

    State targeted programs

    Another way to get money for an apartment is to participate in the national programs of the project “Affordable and Comfortable Housing - to Citizens of the Russian Federation”.Financing the purchase of housing is from the federal, regional and local budgets. In the regions should be developed its own program, which does not contradict the federal.

    The main category of citizens who can receive money under the subprogramme of the Russian Federation "Providing housing for young families" are members of young families. To obtain state support you must be under 30 years old. The family may consist of a single parent or two spouses (with or without children) and must be recognized in the prescribed manner in need of better housing conditions. In addition, it is necessary to have money in an amount equal to the average cost of housing, taking into account the subsidy received.

    Young families without children should receive help in the amount of 35% of the average cost of housing, and after giving birth, the municipality should add another 5%. If a family with a child asks for help, then the amount of the payment will be 40% of the average cost of housing.

    To calculate the cost of housing, the size of the living space for a family, which consists of two people, is assumed to be 42 square meters. m, and for a family of 3 or more people - 18 square meters. m. for each person.You need to apply for a subsidy to the municipality, local government, district administration, providing them with a standard set of documents.

    Salary and apartment

    After going through all the known options for finding money, you can stop at the instructions on how to make money on an apartment. Very few citizens are able to earn enough money on their own and buy an apartment. With an average salary in Russia a little more than 20 thousand rubles, you can earn for a separate house for years without achieving a noticeable result. If you look for the possibility of additional earnings, to change jobs to a higher paying one, then the time for accumulating funds will be slightly reduced.

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