• Where to find gauss?

    Igor Frolov
    Igor Frolov
    December 19, 2014
    Where to find gauss?

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    Where to find gauss?

    Gauss cannon is one of the most powerful weapons in the popular computer game "Stalker". This weapon is a sniper rifle that uses electromagnets to disperse a bullet. Gauss-gun has high accuracy and slaughter, but low rate of fire (it takes a few seconds to accumulate energy).

    At high levels of the game there is a special quest to get this weapon. But sometimes there is a need for a powerful weapon at the very beginning. To get a gauss gun at the very beginning of the game there are two ways: honest and cheating.

    Honest way

    At the very beginning of the game you can find a gauss cannon not far from the place of your appearance where the corpse lies, near which stands the tree. Here, under this tree, and you can take a gauss gun and batteries to it.

    Cheating method

    1. Find the following folder in Explorer: gamedata - config - gameplay.
    2. Open the character descr general file and find actor in it.
    3. Under this inscription are described all the initial characteristics of the character.Find the string ak-47 and change it to gauss (it should turn out wpn_gauss).
    4. In the line below instead of 5.45 caliber enter in the gauss field (ammo_gauss = 25).
    5. The number 25 means the number of rounds. At the same time, the ratio is 1 to 20, i.e., if you specify 25 in the line, then you will receive 500 rounds of ammunition.
    6. If there is no gamedata folder in your copy of the game, then take it from the game “Stalker: Valley of Rustles”. Before changing data, delete all folders and files from this directory, except for the ones that are changed.

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