• Where to catch bream?

    Vera Shiryaeva
    Vera Shiryaeva
    November 4, 2014
    Where to catch bream?

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    Where to catch bream?

    Bream - cautious fish, especially large individuals. To catch them in shallow water is unrealistic. To begin with, fishing (bream) requires three basic conditions:

    1. Good bait.
    2. Thin fishing line 0.2 mm.
    3. Complete silence.

    The habitat of this fish is closed freshwater reservoirs. Bream also lives in rivers, but it is difficult to catch it there, experienced fishermen say that it is a hopeless undertaking. If there is a quiet backwater on the river, where there is practically no current, besides there is deep, then the chances of catch increase. But this is also in great doubt.

    Bait and bait

    Feed the fish must be within 5-7 days. In this case, the bait is placed on the bottom to a depth of 3 meters. This fish must be taught. Most importantly, she does not respond to moving bait, she needs a calm bait.

    If you are interested in the question of how to catch a bream correctly, then you should first take care of the bait. Bream usually bites well at:

    • Dung worms, but only to be a bundle;
    • Blizzard larvae;
    • Maggots;
    • Motylya.

    Not bad will you go fishing on the test balls, semolina and steamed peas. The first two are best mixed with the egg.

    How to catch bream on donku? This question must be disassembled from two sides: it is better to catch at night, to use small worms as bait.

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