• Where to buy underwear?

    Where do you buy beautiful underwear in Moscow? I will have a date soon, I wanted to be 100 percent self-confident. I want to buy beautiful underwear, but I do not know where a good choice is, since my size is far from small.
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    Answered 23 February 16:49
    I also have a big breast size, and it is very difficult for me to choose a bra. My friend even signed us up for a bra-fitting to learn how to choose the right laundry. I usually go to the store, and the consultant helps me to make a choice.
    Answered on February 23 16:54
    And I do not have free time to go shopping, I usually order everything on the Internet. At the moment, I choose a fashionable bra that would fit my new dress. I need to lift my chest a little, because the dress has an open neckline. Here, I found a lingerie store, if you are interested to see
    Answered 23 February 17:01
    I usually buy such things in a special store, always with a fitting.Since different bras sit differently, and it is important for me to see how they sit on me purely visually.

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