• Where to buy postcards for postcards

    Many people are engaged in collecting. Among them are those who are especially keen on postcards. These are the people who gathered on the Postcrossing website.

    What is postcrossing

    Postcrossing is a project created so that postcard lovers can exchange them.
    In 2005, the Portuguese student Paulo Magalles, a big lover of correspondence, decided to expand his circle of recipients and created a special site for this. At first, Paulo was supported by relatives and friends. Later, the site has grown and united lovers of mail from around the world.In 2013, the Postcrossing website recorded a 20 millionth received postcard.
    The scheme of the site is very simple. To start, of course, you need to register there. Then the system offers a random address from its base, where you need to send a postcard. The person who receives the card registers it. Immediately the address of the sender falls to one of the participants of the site, which sends a postcard to the address.Thus, the circulation of postcards around the world takes place.
    The site also has a forum whose users can share more purposefully. Thematic groups are created within which the exchange of postcards, stamps, and envelopes takes place.
    In Russia, the project “Postcrossing” is very popular, today there are already more than 50 thousand participants.

    Where to find postcards

    To be an active user of postcrossing, you must have a stock of postcards on various topics. After all, it is important to send a postcard, not anyhow, but to choose the one that the recipient will certainly like. Each participant of the project writes about his preferences in his profile. And everyone has a problem: where to buy postcards for postcards.
    One option is to go to the post office. It is at the post office that brands are purchased, both ordinary and artistic. But with postcards is more difficult. Greetings, which are usually quite a large selection, are not always suitable for postcrossing. But some, of course, worth buying.Sometimes there are postcards at the post office, they are with fans of postcrossing in high gear.
    The next place to buy postcards is bookstores.But there is not always a suitable range. Although sometimes you can find interesting sets of cards, which will be welcome to many collectors around the world. Therefore, an avid postcrosser does not have the question of “taking or not taking” if he meets something interesting.
    However, post offices and rich bookstores are the lot of large cities. And among the participants of postcrossing there are many residents of small towns and villages, where finding the necessary postcards is problematic. The Internet comes to the rescue.
    In specialized online stores a much larger selection of postcards than in other places. You can order copies of almost any subject. Links to these stores can be found on the postcrossing site. Among the popular stores of postcards are “Pochtomaniya”, PostcardID, PostCardPress and others. There are postcards in well-known online bookstores "Labyrinth" and "Ozone". Sometimes you can write cards directly to publishers who print similar products.

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