• Where is it profitable to buy high-quality equipment?

    In recent years, online stores are very popular: they offer different quality products, and often they are cheaper than those sold in regular stores. Quality equipment with warranty and service can also be purchased online. For example, consider MOYO - a multi-format chain of stores with various products. MOYO has several regular retail stores, online ordering service points, a convenience store and information platforms where professionals in their blogs give useful advice to customers.

    This is a new service format, convenient for different people, which offers 50,000 of the most sought-after products, as well as the assistance of experienced professionals in the selection and configuration of equipment. The buyer can pick up any product on the site, make an order, and soon he will be brought to the nearest retail store. Also, the buyer can ask a question about the use of the product to a professional seller and get an answer from the operator or professional seller.You will be advised on all questions and help you choose the most suitable product from the proposed.

    At the moment, MOYO has 60 stores in 31 cities of Ukraine. The range of products is very wide: mobile phones, laptops, network equipment, cameras, monitors, televisions, portable appliances, consoles, household appliances, consumables, sports goods, clothing, cosmetics and perfumes, children's products, stationery, tools, products for the garden , souvenirs. New products are constantly appearing so that everyone can find what suits them.

    Consider, for example, a couple of product categories that are popular with store customers.


    microwaveMicrowave - one of the most popular and necessary types of equipment in the kitchen. The store will offer a large selection of microwaves with different functions and at different prices. You will find appliances for kitchens, offices, catering facilities. A good microwave will help you quickly heat up the dish or defrost food, as well as prepare food. They are practical and easy to use, modern models on the inside have a protective grid that will prevent the output of microwave radiation and make the equipment safe for human health.

    When choosing a suitable microwave, you need to consider several points: power, internal chamber volume, coating material, control type, functionality. For one or two people, you can pick up a microwave with a chamber volume of 12-14 liters, the family needs a device for 17-20 liters.

    Also pay attention to the material from which the microwave. Enamelled models can be washed quickly and easily, but they cannot be used often. If you are going to use a microwave not only for heating, but also for cooking, choose a stainless steel model, but also be prepared to clean it regularly from stains. Depending on individual wishes, you can choose a microwave with grill, convection, steamer or bread machine functions.


    FaxFax is a convenient communication tool for business. In the store MOYO you can buy a reliable device at a reasonable price. Modern models of faxes are printed on thermal film or xerox A4 sheets using inkjet or laser technology. The fax is also capable of transmitting black and white and color images.

    In general, all faxes can be divided into two groups: monofunctional and multifunctional.Monofunctional technology has a basic set of tools for receiving or sending fax messages and controlling the telephone module. Multifunction faxes combine a telephone, scanner, copier, printer and modem. Such models are more expensive than usual, but are indispensable. The fax tube can be autonomous (connected separately), wired and functioning using a radio signal.

    When buying a fax, pay attention to the printing technology of the device, the type of paper used and several important characteristics. Print quality is important: the more halftones a fax can produce, the more natural and distinct the image will be. The memory for receiving and sending will be determined by the number of sheets that the fax can “remember”; a cassette or digital answering machine will allow answering calls in automatic mode.

    If desired, you can choose a model with an interface for connecting to a computer and the automatic recognition function and switching the machine to fax or telephone mode.

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