• Where is the sea in October?

    Thanks to the development of tourism, it has long been possible not to worry about what month the next vacation falls, since you can always find a place on Earth where you can find yourself in summer and enjoy the sea, sun and beach to the full. In this article we will talk about where to go to the sea in October in order to have a good rest and not get unpleasant natural surprises.


    One of the most budget places to go to the sea in October. At this time, the summer heat here has already ended, but the average temperature is far from cool (on average + 30 °), while the water is also comfortable. In addition, visits to sights such as the pyramids and the Valley of the Kings in the interior of the state will be much easier.


    A trip to the Emirates will cost more than Egypt, but here you will definitely not be deprived of heat and sea. The average temperature for October is +35o.


    In this equatorial country, as in any other, there is no division into winter and summer. It is comfortable all year round on the coast, but there is a rainy season that falls in April-May, so in October you can go here without fear of bad weather.In addition to the sea, here you can go on a real safari to national parks, look at animals in their natural habitat.


    For lovers of holidays on the islands are perfect:

    • Maldives. The rainy season is over, you can fully enjoy the beautiful white sand beaches and romance of the islands.
    • Seychelles. October is the transitional month from the dry season to the rainy season, rains are rare at this time. The islands are famous for crystal clear water, beautiful landscapes both on land and under water.
    • Canary Islands. These islands are good for visiting all year round. No wonder the largest island of the archipelago - the island of Tenerife, called the island of eternal spring. In addition, here you will find the European quality of service.
    • Indonesia. October is the last month of the dry season on the islands of Indonesia. The weather is hot at this time, the water is warm (+27o). If you want to visit Bali, then it's time to go there.

    If we talk about the islands of the Caribbean (Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti), then there may be hurricanes during this period, although the sea is very comfortable.

    As for Thailand, Vietnam and India, in October the weather here is quite unpredictable, since this period is attributed to the rainy season.Although the rains are short but abundant, they can well spoil your rest.

    And now let's talk about where to go to the sea in October. Mediterranean: Tunisia, Morocco, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus. The beach season is coming to an end, the days are still warm, but it can happen that the beach holiday will be spoiled by sufficiently cool sea or cloudy weather. Although many tourists from Russia swim, for example, in Spain and in December, so everything depends on your thermophilicity. But still, if you want to get to the Mediterranean Sea in favorable weather in October, then go there in the first half of the month.

    Do not be sad if the holiday fell in October, where to go to the sea this month, you now know. Of course, the article discusses the most frequently visited resorts, but you can always choose a country to which you will go on your own. You can also consider other holiday options in October.

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