• Where is Singapore located?

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    Where is Singapore located?

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    Singapore is the capital of the island republic of the same name, which occupies one large and several small islands. The Republic of Singapore is currently one of the most developed countries in the world, it is in third place in terms of oil production, in the fourth place in semiconductor production, the port of Singapore has one of the highest global indicators in cargo turnover. Where is Singapore?

    The Republic of Singapore is located on the islands of Southeast Asia, which are separated from the southern part of the Malacca Peninsula by the Johor Strait.

    The area of Singapore is 718 km2.

    The republic includes 63 islands. The highest point of Singapore is the Bukit Timah Hill, 166 meters high.

    5% of the land in Singapore is occupied by reserves, because due to urbanization almost all the rain forests have disappeared, the state is now carefully preserving the only remaining rain forest - Bukit Timah.


    Singapore is located near the equator, and therefore climate fluctuations in the republic are minimal.The average January temperature differs from the average July temperature by less than 2 degrees - 26.5 and 27.9, respectively. Precipitation falls a lot in each month - approximately 170-250 mm.


    The population of Singapore is 5 million people, 77% of them are Chinese, 14% are Malays, and 8% are Indians. The majority of Singaporeans are Buddhists (about 40%). In addition, there are quite a lot of Muslims and Christians in the republic.

    Why visit Singapore?

    Singapore is a unique architecture, demonstrating the widest range of different influences and styles, as well as national cuisine, which is also very diverse. In Singapore, in general, a special relationship to food, it is considered a thread of national identity that binds cultural traditions. Food in Singapore is called "national obsession."

    Of course, we should not forget that Singapore is also an amazing nature and a wonderful climate.

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