• Where is Petrozavodsk?

    Elena Kasyanova
    Elena Kasyanova
    April 23, 2015
    Where is Petrozavodsk?

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    An amazing republic of Karelia is located in the north-western region of the Russian Federation. This is a fabulous land with friendly, friendly people. The administrative center of the republic is Petrozavodsk. What is this city and how to find it on the map will be described below.

    Where is Petrozavodsk located?

    The territory of the city passes through the East European Plain just north of the Olonets Upland and the Shoksha Ridge. Located along the coast of Petrozavodsk Bay on Lake Onega, the city stretches for 21.7 km. Its height is 122 meters above sea level.

    Petrozavodsk is called the “city of the five seas”, because through the laid system of canals there is access to the White, Barents, Caspian, Baltic and Black Seas.

    Petrozavodsk is located 1091 km from the capital of the Russian Federation - Moscow, 412 km from St. Petersburg, 350 km from the border with Finland (on the “Blue Road” highway). A motorway Murmansk - St. Petersburg - Moscow is laid through the city.

    Not far from the city there is one of the islands known all over the world - Kizhi, and 50 km away is the first Russian resort “Marcial Waters”, which was founded by Peter I in 1719.

    Karelia has a very convenient location: in the north it borders on the Arctic Circle, in the west - with Finland, in the east it is washed by the waves of the White Sea, the magnificent forests of the Arkhangelsk region stretch, and in the southern part of the republic there are the most beautiful lakes in the world - Onego and Ladoga.

    Coordinates on the map: 61 ° 47 'north latitude, 34 ° 22' east longitude. The total territory of the city is 135 sq. M. km, and the fifth part of it is occupied by urban forests.

    You can get to Petrozavodsk from anywhere in Russia via St. Petersburg or Moscow by bus or train. There is also an international airport. The city is very beautiful, clean, comfortable and calm. Nice place to stay.

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