• Where is Kazakhstan located?

    Yana Lisitsina
    Yana Lisitsina
    April 25, 2015
    Where is Kazakhstan located?

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    Kazakhstan is located in the central part of Eurasia. At the same time, most of it relates specifically to Asia, and a smaller part - to Europe. From the south-west side, Kazakhstan is washed by the Caspian Sea, it has no access to the World Ocean. By area, this country ranks ninth in the world ..

    The entire northern as well as the western part of Kazakhstan borders on the Russian Federation. Mongolia serves as a neighbor on the east side, in the southeast the country is adjacent to China, the southern territory of Kazakhstan alternates with the borders of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. A small part of the country in the southwest is in contact with the border of Turkmenistan.

    Geographically and economically, there are 5 regions of the country: North, South, West, East and Central. According to the administrative-territorial division, there are 14 regions and 2 cities of republican significance (Almaty and Astana).

    As for where Kazakhstan is in the climatic plan, this is a pronounced continental belt with cold winters and hot arid summer months.

    The territory of the country is marked by a very complex and not very favorable geology, partly represented by the Eastern European platform, partly by the Alpine belt and the Ural-Mongolian belt with its folded structures and epigercin plates. Because of this, earthquakes often occur here.

    Due to the available natural resources, the republic is a significant exporter of oil and oil products on the world stage. Also, the population of the country is engaged in farming. People grow cereals, fodder and industrial crops, are engaged in fruit growing and animal husbandry (in particular, they raise sheep, horses and camels).

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