• Where is Grodno?

    Anna Piskunova
    Anna Piskunova
    April 26, 2015
    Where is Grodno?

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    There are also many interesting cities in the neighboring Belarus. Grodno is one of them. Where is Grodno and what is interesting in it, we will consider further.

    Grodno is considered the most western city in Belarus and stands on the Neman River, which divides it into two parts. Near Grodno is the border with Poland and Lithuania. Because of this, the city has historically been located in different territories and belonged to different states. It was also part of the Lithuanian principality, and as part of Poland, and on the territory of the Russian lands. These cultural fluctuations have left their mark on the cultural component of the city, in particular, on architecture. Here you can find medieval castles and Soviet buildings. It's amazing how it all harmoniously gets along with each other.

    Transport links Grodno with other regions is good. From Grodno you can easily get to the nearest abroad, as well as to the neighboring regions of Belarus. To Minsk, this distance can be covered in just over 4 hours drive. Railway connections also work well.Using the train, you can leave Grodno in the direction of St. Petersburg and Moscow, but there are other routes.

    The proximity to Russia and transport accessibility expands the potential possibilities of Grodno as an interesting tourist center for Russian citizens.

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