• Where is Arkaim?

    March 29, 2015
    Where is Arkaim?

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    Arkaim is an ancient city, a place of power that belongs to the Aryan heritage, as some scholars believe. Some experts claim that this place originally existed as a sanctuary, others - that the ancient observatory was located here, and still others - that this is a temple built by an extraterrestrial civilization.

    Be that as it may, today Arkaim is a scientific reserve protected by the state, in whose territory there are more than 70 archaeological sites and artifacts.

    • The geographical location of the city is in the Urals, on a cape at the confluence of two rivers: the first of them is Bolshaya Karaganka, the second is Utyaganka. The reserve is located near the village of Aleksandrovsky (Chelyabinsk region).
    • An ancient structure of a circular shape. The outer diameter of the city is over 160 m. It was previously surrounded by a moat and a wall up to 5 meters in height (and as many in width). In the wall there were four entrances from different sides. The city is oriented on the sides of the Light, which is associated with its cult meaning. Also, according to researchers, the building itself had a sacred symbolic meaning.All streets are made in the form of rings intersecting each other. On the main street there are more than thirty large dwellings in which mysterious residents of the city probably lived.
    • According to studies, this fortified building of enormous size belongs to the Bronze Age (that is, approximately more than two thousand years BC). But some scientists determine the age, much more ancient, comparable to the age of the Egyptian pyramids.

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