• Where in Moscow to repair a laptop?

    Nowadays, a laptop is not just a toy for entertainment and surfing the Internet, but also a convenient tool for working, communicating with friends and relatives over long distances, learning and self-development. To those who fully use computer technology, it is very important to have a perfectly working technique. If the laptop is broken, it can be repaired in a short time and at an affordable cost, the main thing is to know where to turn. In Moscow, the Moscow Service Center was created for this. This company in a short time repairs laptops, tablets, all-in-one PCs, phones, system units, consoles and projectors, and also helps in recovering deleted data.

    How to repair a laptop here?

    All contact details can be found on the website of the center in the appropriate section. To contact the company, call one of these phones. The consultant will listen to you carefully and answer all your questions.

    You can rent a laptop for repair yourself in the central office at the address: Moscow, Leninsky Prospect 37 A. The office is open from 09:00 to 21:00 without lunch breaks and weekends. At the central office, you yourself can hand over the equipment or pick up after repair, get advice from a manager for free, conduct a quick diagnosis. From 09:00 to 23:00 you can also call the courier at your home or office: the employee will deliver the equipment to the center safe and sound.

    The center is ready to actively cooperate with different customers and suppliers. All work is carried out qualitatively, using original parts, as soon as possible. There are various discounts on a variety of conditions. For all types of work warranty.

    How do they repair different models?

    Also on the site you can find information about the cost and minimum time of each service to repair specific models. In the center you can restore and improve almost any laptop!

    For example, HP laptop repair provides an affordable cost of all basic services and quick turnaround times for models of any complexity. Free diagnostics, use of your spare parts warehouse, flexible discounts and a two-year warranty (the maximum period) for all work.

    Sony laptop repair should be entrusted to professionals, as these models have their own characteristics. Unqualified intervention can worsen the situation, and as a result you will have to pay more for a professional repair. Professionals with high qualifications and extensive experience will work with your laptop. For repair use original accessories. Diagnostics is free of charge, prices for repairs are affordable.

    Free laptop repair

    The company has a nice bonus: free laptop repair for those. Take part in the action and express yourself creatively: maybe you are lucky!

    What should be done:

    1. Write a letter in which you need to tell in detail why you should fix your laptop for free.
    2. In the letter, please specify the exact name of your model and its serial number, try to describe exactly what the problem is.
    3. Show a touch of creativity and creativity - employees pay more attention to such letters.
    4. Send the finished letter to the email [email protected]
    5. After that, add to the group of companies on Facebook or Vkontakte and wait for the results of the vote.

    The most interesting letters are laid out in the groups of these social networks, and users themselves determine the winners. The final results are summarized at the end of each month. The winner receives a coupon that allows him to repair one laptop for free. A person who is in second position gets a 50% discount on laptop repair. Took the third place - 25% discount on the services of the center.

    Persons who have reached the age of 18 can participate in the action. By sending a letter, the participant automatically agrees to the use and publication of the materials provided.

    If you need to fix the equipment quickly and affordably, the Moscow Service Center will certainly help with this. Choose a professional repair on the conditions that are convenient for you, participate in promotions and special offers and take back high-quality updated equipment with a guarantee!

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