• When will include heating in Yekaterinburg in 2015

    It is impossible to answer unequivocally when the heating is turned on in Yekaterinburg, since the schedule for supplying warm water to the system is divided into several stages. The heating season started in mid-September, and at the moment there is a third stage of connecting residential premises and municipal facilities of the city.

    The beginning of the heating season

    The laws of the Russian Federation stipulate that heating systems must supply heating to apartment, medical, educational and administrative buildings, as the street temperature in Yekaterinburg will fall and will not rise five days above 8 degrees Celsius.

    Preparation of Yekaterinburg for the winter season 2015-2016

    Under the direct supervision of the deputy head of the city administration of Yekaterinburg concerning housing and public utilities issues, Aleksei Kozhemyako, a special headquarters has been created to monitor and observe the dates of all stages when they have to give heating in 2015 At meetings held at headquarters, operational data on the operation of heating networks and the start of the heating season are voiced.

    Already by the beginning of September almost 90% of the city houses are ready for supply of coolant to the pipes. Work on the preparation of control units is being carried out (95% of the heating season is already fully prepared by the beginning of the heating season), as well as the flushing of heating systems (public utilities reported 92% in readiness).

    Repair work of heating systems

    What determines the timing of the inclusion of heating?

    A number of circumstances affect the date of heat connection in Yekaterinburg, and the main ones are:

    • allocation by the administration of funds for the inclusion of heating systems;
    • timely preparation of all components of the heating system;
    • on-time repair and maintenance work.

    The city administration in 2015 provided Yekaterinburg with full support for repair and maintenance of heating systems.

    Now more than 80% of buildings-consumers are prepared for the inclusion of heating. Repair and maintenance work is carried out in a timely manner.

    Working boiler room

    Where in Yekaterinburg will give heat in the first place?

    Like all previous seasons, in 2015, they will first give warmth to socially significant institutions. On the morning of September 22, the state was as follows:

    • more than 80% of secondary schools are provided with heat;
    • 77% of Ekaterinburg kindergartens received heat;
    • 70% of hospitals are also connected to heating;
    • The coolant launched into the pipe 64% of cultural sites.

    As soon as they are provided with heat, the season will start in residential buildings. Now 42% of residential buildings are connected in the areas that are the first in the connection schedule. After that, the heating systems will begin their work in industrial buildings.

    To the residents' question, when they give heating in Yekaterinburg, the administration has the answer: the work is going strictly according to the plan. By the end of September the city will be provided with heat.

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