• When to plant grapes?

    Tamara Sidorova
    Tamara Sidorova
    December 28, 2012
    When to plant grapes?

    Grape is a plant that loves light and heat. The landing site should be elevated, with a good outflow of water, plots of land located to the south or south-west of buildings and no closer than 3-5 meters from large trees. Grapes saplings are best bought in nurseries, as they are already vaccinated, resistant to diseases and future frosts. External examination should weed out seedlings with mechanical cuts, stains, with signs of dryness of the stem. When to plant grapes - in the fall or spring?

    From mid-April to May we plant lignified stems, and from the beginning of June - green vegetative seedlings. And when is it best to plant grapes? The end of September - the beginning of October is the best time for planting grapes. The plants have time to adapt to the coming cold weather. At the same time, the main thing is to plant them properly and cover them for the winter, moreover at this time the prices for seedlings are minimal.

    Landing in spring

    1. If the soil is black earth or clay, we dig a hole 0.8x0.8x0.8 meters, and if the soil is sandy, then the hole 0.8x0.8x1.05 meters - we fill the hole with fertilizers (humus, superphosphate, wood ash,potash fertilizers) two to three weeks before planting, pouring water every 7 days.
    2. Make a hole under the container 60 cm from the surface.
    3. We take out a sapling from a container (trying not to scatter the ground from the roots) and fill it with a support peg to bind the sapling to the south side.
    4. After planting plenty of water.

    Planting in the fall

    The place is chosen, as well as in spring, the fossa and fertilizers in it are the same, only the seedling is planted in the hole (it is advisable to put a trimmed plastic bottle on the cutting, it will retain moisture) by filling it up with simple soil until it grows. Liberally pour (3-4 buckets of water). For the winter we cover with a protective layer of soil, trying not to make a big mound above the cutting (so that the seedling does not suffocate), in the spring we will not destroy the mound until the green shoots appear. It is advisable to tie the shoots to the peg in the direction of the south.

    For a good harvest, it is not enough just to know when to plant grapes, you must constantly care for the vine, water it in a timely manner and cover it from frost, in this case the grapes will thank you for the excellent harvest!

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