• When to open strawberries after winter

    A young freshly planted strawberry needs shelter for the winter, because the field of autumn transplant is weak, susceptible to all sorts of diseases, and without shelter, many simply cannot survive in harsh winter conditions. Many suitable materials - straw, leaves, spruce branches, etc., and fabric canvases, which can be purchased at hardware stores, are suitable for sheltering strawberries.

    If the spring is late in cleaning the "winter shelter", it can adversely affect the plants and their health: mold, rotting of the roots, slow growth, leaves fading - and this is not all that threatens to delay the procedure. However, too early opening of the beds with strawberries can bring considerable trouble, for example, the freezing of plants.

    Removal of covering material in different regions occurs at the time. Somewhere you can open strawberries at the beginning of April (in the Black Soil Region), and somewhere (in the north of Siberia, Transbaikalia) not earlier than May.In general, it is impossible to say exactly about the dates, because they are directly dependent on the weather, and the weather, as you know, is unpredictable. To focus only on the speed of convergence of snow, as well as temperature. If the snow has already melted, and frost is not expected in the near future (that is, the threat of frost has passed), then you can remove the covering material from the beds;

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