• When the child should start walking

    Ability to walk

    The first year of life, the child learns to coordinate his movements, starting with a simple one: at first he waves his arms, moves his legs, then tries to roll over, sit down, gradually begins to crawl, and soon get up on his own with or without support. Already in the first weeks of life, children begin to touch their feet and push off from the surface, if you hold them vertically. All this is preparation for a more serious and important exercise, walking. When walking, it is important not only to monitor the coordination of movements, but also to train a sense of balance - it is the undeveloped ability to maintain balance that prevents children from starting walking as soon as they manage to get up.
    Walking is not only an important skill for a child, it also marks the end of the infancy period. As soon as the first steps are taken, the development will go much faster: soon the baby will begin to actively move, sticking to the furniture, then it will surely go without any support, and for a few more months - and will run and jump.

    Approximate terms of the development of the ability to walk

    At five months, you can see that the child pushes off the floor with his feet, if you hold it vertically by the armpits. He jumps a little, and this activity usually gives him pleasure. This exercise will help in the further development of the ability to walk. At about eight months, the baby will start to get up, holding the hands of parents or furniture. He tries his best to hold himself in this position, clutching tightly at the backs of the chairs or covering the sofa.
    But at this age, not everyone has a well-developed sense of balance and coordination of movements, so walking is still impossible. Although from this point on the development will go faster - in a few weeks the child will be able to move independently, holding the furniture or hands. He actively crosses his feet, but still can not keep a balance.
    By 13 months, most babies are beginning to take the first steps - so far uncertainly, but independently. There is still some time left, and soon it will be a real walk.

    Standards for the development of walking

    The terms described above are very approximate, in fact, they are individual for each child. There are many cases when children start walking independently at seven months.But often this ability appears only at 16, 17 or even 18 months. Even if, at the age of one and a half years, the child still does not know how to take confident steps, but otherwise it develops normally, you should not worry too much. Watch the baby, help him move, but also give him freedom - excessive guardianship may cause the child not to walk for a long time.

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