• What can you give the original?

    February 4, 2015
    What can you give the original?

    For sure, each of us at least once in our life faced the problem of choosing a gift for any holiday: birthday, wedding, anniversary, Christmas or March 8th. Not to say that it always turns into a heavy burden, but there are certain difficulties with the fulfillment of desires. What can be given to a person so original that he remembers the gift for a long time? Of course, everyone has different tastes, but in this article we will try to highlight some general advice, guided by which, you may be more confident in choosing the right one.

    Traditional - in a new way

    You can give the usual, intended for a gift thing, but in the original packaging. Ordinary pen or notebook, business card holder or watch, packed in an original wrapper, tied with a bow, accompanied by a beautiful postcard made with your own hands, will make your gift play with new colors.


    For a wedding, for example, you can donate a "money tree". Making it yourself is very easy.On a regular bonsai (a dwarf tree in a pot) we hang bills rolled up into tubes of different denominations - the more, the better (and let them be bigger).

    As an option: a piggy bank with money, donated to the newlyweds, which you can immediately put in a circle so that the guests put as much money into it!

    Another original gift is a bouquet of sweets. We do it ourselves or we get it in specialized stores. This sweet gift will be remembered for a long time by its originality.

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