• What to tie a child?

    With the onset of winter cold, every mother needs to take care to warm her baby as much as possible. Well kept warm knitted things, in them the child will feel cozy and comfortable.

    Let's talk more about what to tie the child with their own hands.

    What can you tie a child out of clothes?

    Knitted scarf

    The scarf is an integral part of children's clothes. The scarf can be matched by the color of the clothes, it will help provide the baby with warmth and also give him a more stylish look. It can be made in the style of wide-knit and in different colors.

    Knitted hat

    Another indispensable thing in winter is a warm hat, which can also be knitted independently. Now you can find a large number of different models of caps. They can be tied by hand, without resorting to machine knitting or to the help of specialists who are professionally involved in this type of needlework.

    Warm socks or booties

    As for socks, they have very simple knitting, but they can be varied with fun images (for example, drawings of the legs of various animals).Also, the variety of socks can be attributed to booties, which can be connected independently, only they are intended for the smallest. These booties can be with patterns, bows or flowers. You can supplement them with details in the form of various ropes and strings. This is something like soft ballet shoes for little children.

    Knitted leggings

    Gaiters cover the legs from the ankles to the knee. They are usually worn over other clothes and shoes. They are needed in order to protect the feet of the child from the cold. They can be combined with a warm skirt that will significantly warm the legs. Beginning needlewomen can knit this detail of the children's wardrobe on their own, having previously mastered the knitting technique.

    Warm mittens

    You can also knit warm mittens that are useful for a walk in the winter. They can be made of warm wool. You can show imagination, for example, to tie mittens in the form of various animals. Mittens can be quickly and easily connected, but if they are still on a long elastic band, then they can never get lost, as is often the case with children.

    A warm sweater

    A knitted sweater can include various patterns and images of animals.Such a thing will not lie in the closet on long winter evenings. Of course, to knit a warm sweater, you need to stock up on a considerable knitting experience. Therefore, novice needlewomen need to master the technique of knitting, not only knitting, but also crocheting.

    Trapeze coat

    You can also tie a coat in the shape of a trapeze for the girl, but for this it is worth gaining skills and patience. Coats can combine any patterns and have large buttons that will help to give a more stylish look to your child.

    Thus, knitting is a fascinating kind of needlework, especially when you see the admiration of the baby. It is immediately obvious that he liked the thing connected by you.

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