• What to see in Kaliningrad

    Kaliningrad is one of the most amazing Russian cities, to make a plan of excursions in which it is worth in advance. This is because even in a few days in the former Konigsberg one can not have time to look at all the iconic places. By the way, and beyond its borders there is a lot of interesting - the same Curonian Spit.

    Cathedralcan be called a business card of the city. Its construction was completed in 1380, but then the appearance of the structure was supplemented. Today, on the territory of the sights, you can visit the Cathedral Museum, Immanuel Kant Museum with its grave, chapel. The building is located on the island of Kant.

    Amber Museum- the only such institution in Russia. Its expositions occupy three floors and they are dedicated, of course, to amber stone. There are a total of 28 rooms open to visitors in the museum, where you can see jewelry, various crafts, learn a lot about the history of stone mining. By the way, it is in Kaliningrad that there is the only plant in the world that performs the full cycle of obtaining and processing a natural miracle.

    Fish village- one of the newest attractions of the city. It is a craft and ethnographic complex with several objects. The district is reminiscent of the style of the German fish market, and the drawbridge across the Pergol River leads to it. This center will be a good place for walking, tourists will be able to visit the souvenir shops, cozy cafes.

    Be sure to visit andKönigsberg Castle. More precisely, its ruins. The legend that the Amber Room is located here gives a lot to the monumental construction. Its excavations are still underway. And the castle itself, built in 1255, is a branch of the historical and artistic regional museum.

    ATKaliningrad Zooit is worth going not only to get acquainted with all its inhabitants. There is also a stunning arboretum. The sight of Kaliningrad itself appeared on the map of the city in 1896, today it is home to a huge number of animals - about 3,500 individuals of various species. Some of them are listed in the Red Book. And in the zoo works aquarium and terrarium.

    The city has the Royal, Brandenburg, Ausfal and other gates.In total, there are seven such structures. The most significant of them are consideredRoyal Gatewhich today are part of the Museum of the World Ocean. This museum complex is the pride of Kaliningrad. On its territory there are several real ships, for example, the research vessel Vityaz, the icebreaker Krasin.

    The most European of Russian cities will certainly conquer tourists with a variety of attractions, old buildings. It is imperative to return to Kaliningrad again, if only because the former Königsberg is changing and expanding every day.

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