• What to make a bracelet?

    Ivan Orlov
    Ivan Orlov
    March 26, 2013
    What to make a bracelet?

    Handmade always and everywhere valued dearly. What to make a bracelet with your own hands? As practice shows, it is not difficult, and materials for its manufacture can be very different.


    What can a bracelet be made of? These are cords, leather and wire. Different beads: from a natural stone, glass and a tree. In addition, bracelets are woven from beads, made from wood, polymer clay, plastic bottles (cut out of the bottle strips and braid them with cloth, thread or cord).

    Bracelet made of chain and lace with your own hands

    Materials and accessories:

    • glue;
    • sewing thread;
    • pliers;
    • clamps;
    • chain;
    • elastic cord.

    Cut two identical pieces of cord to the width of your wrist, given the length of the chain. Separate the required number of links from the chain. One cord folds in half and slips into the extreme link of the chain. After that, in the loop, thread the ends of the cord and tighten. In the same way, on the other side of the chain, pass the second cord. The ends of the cords overlap with each other, then grease with glue and wrap with thread.The inner side of the clip must be smeared with glue, and then placed on the joined ends of the laces. The clip should close on the inside of the bracelet after you squeeze it with pliers. You can make several bracelets from cords of different colors and wear them all together.

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