• How to lubricate the bearing?

    Vladimir Doneshko
    Vladimir Doneshko
    August 10, 2012
    How to lubricate the bearing?

    Bearings are used in various mechanisms and perform various functions. At the same time one of the most important conditions for stable operation of the bearing without breakage is lubrication. Incorrect lubrication or insufficient lubrication results in premature bearing wear. Bearing greases are divided into two large types. Before you decide how to lubricate the bearing, you need to know for what purpose each type of lubricant is used.

    Grease grease

    This type of lubricant is most often used in rolling bearings. In this case, in the case of normal operating conditions of the bearing, it is enough to have only one lubricant for the entire period of operation. Lubrication changes only in the case of operation at high loads and speeds. In addition to a long service life, the advantage of a grease is that it protects the bearing well against environmental influences. Examples of such lubricants are grease, lithol, cyatim.

    Oil lubricants

    Liquid oil lubricants are the most preferred bearing lubricant.Their indisputable advantage is that they have better permeability compared with grease lubricants, and also perfectly remove heat and particles of worn material. However, their advantages are their disadvantages. When using liquid lubricants, the constructive costs of holding the lubricant in the bearing assembly increase, and there is still a high probability of leakage.

    Summing up, it should be said that the main criteria for choosing a lubricant for a bearing are the external conditions in which it will work, rotational speed, shock load. In 90% of cases, plastic bearing grease is used as the most rational solution.

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