• What to go to the rink: 7 ideas from fashion bloggers

    You have to always look beautiful! Especially when you get up on skates. It is possible that it is on the rink you will meet your fate.

    Favorite winter fun - ice skating! Cheerful music, shine of lights, a sense of celebration. The joy and feeling of happiness - as in childhood. That's just what to go to the rink? To warm and comfortable and stylish in one image? Scrolling through Instagram, inspired by examples of fashion bloggers. And go!

    What to go to the rink photo
    Photo: @alesandrabobrova

    Light insulated jumpsuit or a set of jacket + pants - the right decision! It looks stylish, it does not hold down movements, and in the event of something, falling is not so painful. To give the image of dynamics, we add a scarf of large knitting and a "children's" hat. By the way, the presence of such a modern jumpsuit in your wardrobe speaks of you as an “athlete and activist”. Such sets are purchased by girls who love winter sports - skis, snowboards and skates. So, the lungs are on the rise and in good shape.

    So compliments are guaranteed!

    What to go to the rink photo
    Photo: @stellaaminova

    Light gray soft cashmere tracksuit is a gentle alternative to jeans on a winter sunday. A warm khaki park is a favorite of several cold seasons. By the way, such a bow looks harmonious with any winter footwear - uggs, timberlands, moon-bottles - everything will do! We add cozy leggings, large mittens with an ornament and, of course, a large knit hat. By the way, did you notice that the sets of “hat + scarf” made of the same yarn lost their relevance? This season we “collect” accessories, playing on the difference of textures and materials. We get a current, slightly relaxed image.

    What to go to the rink photo
    Photo: @kkwclub

    If the weather allows, you can leave the outerwear in the wardrobe. Or put in a backpack. Sweater and leggings are good on indoor skating rinks, where the temperature is always above zero. This lightweight version of the equipment will allow you to focus on the figure and show off the ability to perform pirouettes. So attention is guaranteed to you!

    What to go to the rink photo
    Photo: @charlene_fsr

    So the powdery shades of pink, which we liked so much, smoothly passed into the winter wardrobe. Faux fur fur sheepskin coat and knit cap with a pompon to match. Deliberately disheveled white strands of hair.It turned out a gentle, childish defenseless image. Edakaya Gerda from the tale of Andersen.

    What to go to the rink photo
    Photo: @lisabijl

    In this image, the game of contrasts gives a completely different effect. And a hat with a pompon, warm mittens and soft pink sweat pants - as in the previous image. But add an elongated cardigan rough texture and black rocker ankle boots - and voila! Before us is the haughty "little robber."

    What to go to the rink photo
    Photo: @roses_cloud

    Black leather leggings and a black cap gather the image of a girl into a single whole. The flannel boyfriend's checkered shirt, leggings (matching the shirt) and a neutral color cardigan add to the look of completeness and relevance. Note that the image of the boyfriend, "borrowed" his shirt, did not stand aside. Hoodie to match girlfriend's leggings, jeans are in tune with her cardigan. The couple is dressed in the same color scheme. Natural, but to the smallest detail the thoughtful family look looks very harmonious.

    What to go to the rink photo
    Photo: @sokolytv

    But to come to the rink in jeans - not the best idea. First, it's cold! And secondly, it is likely that the jeans will get wet or tear if they fall. And it's good even if only on your knees ... Although your knees are cold too.

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