• What to give a loved one?

    Throw a few gift options for your loved one. I really want not just to make a gift, but to really give it. The question is more male, what would you like to receive as a gift?
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    Answered 20 march 2017 10:03
    Here is one of the options I would not refuse from such a gift, and any other man, too, although you can consider other options, there are quite a few ideas for gifts.
    Thank you very much, a great option, I think this is just what you need.
    Answered 20 march 2017 10:33, Gavrile |
    Answered on March 28, 2017 01:20
    For me, the best gift, a joint journey. After all, only being on vacation, you can devote to each other the whole day. And this is such a big rarity in our time. My wife and I only see each other when we come home from work and in the morning when we go to work. I will gladly accept any gift from my wife, be it a notebook, shirt or tie.
    AGa tta
    AGa tta
    Answered on March 4 21:20
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