• What to give to parents for the wedding?

    The family is the most precious thing in a person’s life, and how pleasant it is if the union of two lovers remains indestructible for the rest of their lives. If your parents have been married for a long time and the next wedding anniversary is not far off, then it's time to think about what to give them on this day. We will offer gift options for some anniversaries, other interesting ideas will be shared with you by our resource article What to give to a wedding.

    15 years of living together

    15th anniversary of living together celebrate the crystal wedding. Parents on this day can give any objects made of crystal or glass (it can be a vase, a set of wine glasses or some other items of dishes). Spouses can also be given a crystal figurine symbolizing their tender feelings for each other. These could be doves, swans, or any items with which your parents have special memories. If, say, they spent their honeymoon in a wedding sea voyage, present them with a small yacht made of glass or crystal.

    20 years of marriage

    At the porcelain wedding (the so-called 20-year experience in marriage) decided to give products from porcelain. Often, by this time, children are already becoming adults, often leaving their home and visiting their parents during holidays or holidays, so a luxurious porcelain table set will be a great gift. It will become a symbol of homeliness and will appear on the table, behind which a friendly family will gather.

    25 years of marriage

    25 years have passed since the wedding, and the silver wedding date has come. This is a truly momentous event, and parents are especially pleased to receive congratulations and gifts on this day. Mom can be presented silver jewelry, dad - a cigarette case, both parents - a cup with a memorable engraving. In addition to items made of silver, you can give other gifts. Not necessarily something practical, necessary in the household, let it be a souvenir for the soul. Find an old photo, where dad and mom are together, put it in a beautiful frame and remind your parents about the brightest moments of their lives.

    30 years of marriage

    30 years of marriage is marked with a pearl wedding. Mom can be surprised by decorations from natural pearls, dad on this day, give something that he had long dreamed of, but could not get it.It is necessary to learn this delicate information in advance and so that it does not give out. If it was not possible to find out what was desired, then pay attention to the passions of parents. A passion for photography, a love of gardening, a craving for exact sciences, or the occupation of winemaking will prompt you in which direction to choose a gift.

    Help can have an article of our resource What to give to the wedding of the original.

    35 years of marriage

    On the day of the coral wedding - the 35th anniversary of living together - you can traditionally donate products from coral. But it’s better for a material gift, or at all instead of it, to offer something amazing that parents will remember for a long time and will breathe new strength into their long relationship. If their age and health allow, arrange a balloon flight, sailing or a boat trip, send them on a romantic trip (cottage is excluded) or get tickets to their favorite performer (this could be a sporting event, if both dad and mother - avid fans). The main thing on this day to please both parents. On other options article will tell What to give for 35 years of the wedding.

    50 years of marriage

    Upon the occurrence of this significant date, the whole family should gather to honor their parents. Their example of perseverance and love is worthy of recognition and admiration of all family members. Both children and grandchildren can take inspiration and imitate this married couple, keeping their families equally strong and indestructible. Products made of gold (jewelry and souvenirs) are welcome, as well as any other necessary items. The film, assembled from the frames of the family chronicle, old photos and video, shot at present, will be a wonderful gift. It will warm the heart of the parents and the custom-made their joint portrait or a large family photo where their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be present.

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