• What to give Sagittarius?

    All those who were born under the sign of the archer, and this is from November 23 to December 21, are under the rule of the element of Fire. Under this sign a lot of travelers were born. Therefore, you can easily find a gift to the owner of this zodiac sign. What to give the archer? It can be a suitcase, a bowler hat, a globe, a boat, a backpack, and binoculars. Especially Sagittarius will appreciate if you donate him a trip to somewhere, whether in the taiga or in a warm resort country. He will undoubtedly be pleased even with the usual walk on some boat, even if it will be along the river in his city.

    What to give a man archer

    Before choosing a gift for a man archer, examine his character traits. Knowing the characteristics of the character of this zodiac sign, you can easily find a useful gift for him. A male archer is a lover of all kinds of gifts, and this is important to remember.

    • As we have said, he will be glad of any thing that can be taken on a business trip or a trip. Pick up a practical thing as a gift, it should also bring pleasure to a man-archer.The perfect gift for a man who owns this zodiac sign is considered a gift-trip.
    • If your gift is unusual and original, then you will make the heart of the archer beat faster in anticipation of joy.
    • Do you face difficulties when choosing a gift for a male archer? And pick a gift ka wellness, sports character. As a man born under the sign of Sagittarius, sports developed, he certainly enjoys some kind of sport. So, a male archer will be delighted with golf, a diving course, paintball or flying in a helicopter or a balloon.
    • Especially appreciate the Sagittarius those things that guarantee them comfort and reliability. Multifunctional devices, such as a laptop or a telephone, will delight a male archer.
    • And most importantly, when you present a gift to Sagittarius, do not forget to add tender and laudatory words to the birthday boy, emphasize his dignity with them. This will make the man-archer even more happy!
    • If you still could not find a worthwhile gift for Sagittarius, then look at the universal thing that is suitable for such a celebration.These include various statuettes or candlesticks, symbolizing this zodiac sign. A collectible weapon that will perfectly highlight the individuality of Sagittarius will be perfect as a gift.

    What to give a woman archer

    It is harder for a female shooter to please with a gift. This is justified by the fact that they are contradictory natures. But nevertheless, let's understand what to give a girl an archer?

    • Since a female archer is an independent person, she also loves to give generous gifts. At the same time, she is very demanding and wayward. Therefore, in return, she likes to receive financial investments and attention to herself to the maximum.
    • Do not give stereotypical and greyish things to a archer woman, as such a gift may even upset her. Women born under the sign of Sagittarius, do not tolerate greed and formalities in choosing a gift. Therefore, in order to satisfy the desire of a female archer, give her a dear, generous, good gift.
    • Looking for a gift for a woman Sagittarius, please note the fact that they are kind of dreamy. If you manage to realize one of their dreams, then consider that you made them a worthy gift.To please such a woman can a ticket to the ballet, and a ticket to a resort country or a foreign tour.
    • It will also delight her and expensive items of clothing, accessories and jewelry, various souvenirs from exotic places on our planet. Women will appreciate Sagittarius and technology, such as a mobile phone, laptop, movie camera, camera.
    • Women Sagittarius love both animals and plants. Give them such a gift, and they will no doubt be delighted. Do not forget about the luxurious bouquet and sincere compliments.

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