• What to give interesting?

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    What to give interesting?

    So you want the gift to be original and unforgettable. Such a gift can be purchased at the store or do it yourself. Selection of interesting gifts you will find in this article.

    Ideas for an interesting gift: what to give

    Electric stove

    A great gift for connoisseurs of Russian traditions. The perfect gift for grandparents. The device is an ordinary kettle that looks like a real painted samovar.

    Purse Mouse

    It is a small figure of a rodent, which is designed to save money. A great gift for those people who believe in omens.

    Phone case for running

    Such a gift is a real find for athletes. The device is securely fastened on the arm, which allows you to be in touch during training.

    Portrait doll

    Order the manufacture of toys in the form of a small copy of the hero of the occasion. Send a few photos to the master for work and be sure to describe the details of the real wardrobe and appearance (for example, a birthmark on the lip, a bow on a jacket or a green dress).

    Human pillow

    Such a gift can be presented to a lonely friend. In addition, a stylish accessory will be a highlight of the home interior.

    Mug "Chameleon"

    You can find a finished product for sale or order a cup with your own layout in a printing company. It looks like a regular colored or black mug. However, it is worth pouring hot contents, as the image will appear on the walls.

    Toys from childhood

    "Children of the 90s" will be pleased to receive the metal constructor of tamagotchi or sweets (chewing gum "Love is", "Turbo", candy "Mambo" or "Uncle Stepa", drinks "Invite" and "Jupiter", etc.).

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