• What to give a child 6 years old?

    August 10, 2012
    What to give a child 6 years old?

    Your child will soon be 6 years old, he is already preparing to go to school. A gift for the sixth anniversary must be chosen according to the age and interests of the child. Let's think together what to give a child of 6 years.

    Gifts for a child of 6 years

    At this age, the child is already smart and can do everything the same as adults. Therefore, you need to choose gifts in accordance with the level of intelligence of the child.

    • A variety of board games, with cubes, cards and chips, that can be played by the whole family, will work well. You can try to teach your child to play checkers or chess.
    • Many children of 6 years are already able to read, so you can donate books with a large print, an encyclopedia on a topic of interest to a child. In preparation for school, you can purchase a beautiful alphabet or a card index of letters and numbers.
    • What to give a child 6 years old? At this age, the child loves to engage in creativity. Good gifts for creativity - sets of felt-tip pens, paints, plasticine, soft clay, plastic, brushes, easel, etc.
    • Adults can watch adult wristwatches, table hockey or football, a soccer ball, a bicycle, children's boxing gloves, roller skates, a book about knights or heroes.
    • Girls like a beautiful dress, a set for sewing soft toys or clothes for dolls with patterns and accessories, a set for creating jewelry.
    • A six-year-old child will be pleased with tickets for a children's concert or show. You can give your child a trip to the circus, zoo, water park, planetarium, amusement park, etc. You can spend time together and have fun!
    • If the child has a favorite cartoon, film or animated series, then you can give a DVD with a record. If the child is interested in any topic or science, you can give him the appropriate educational film or program.

    Here are some options for giving a child 6 years old. Remember, however, that all children are very different, so when choosing a gift, consider the interests, preferences and capabilities of the child. We hope your baby will really like your gift!

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