• What to eat in Lent?

    Constantine the Great
    Constantine the Great
    July 18, 2011
    What to eat in Lent?

    Lent is an Orthodox rite that symbolizes deprivation and restraint, restraint and moderation in everything. Therefore, in the post you need to refrain from any excesses, especially from cigarettes and alcohol. Sweet, fatty and any animal products are strictly prohibited. This is meat, milk, cheese and all dairy products, sweet pastries, eggs, sweets, mayonnaise.

    What can you eat in Lent

    What to eat in Lent? Vegetables and fruits, salted and pickled vegetables, for example, sauerkraut, dried fruits and nuts, rye or cereal bread, mushrooms, tea, fruit drinks and jelly, porridge on water. 2 days in Lent, it is allowed to eat fish - these are Palm Palm holidays and the Annunciation of the Most Holy Theotokos.

    What to eat in Lent on different days? According to church traditions, on weekdays (from Monday to Friday) one meal without butter - nothing fried, only boiled, steamed, stewed in water or fresh fruits and vegetables, on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) vegetable oil is allowed, for example , fry vegetable patties, mushrooms and vegetables for soup or stews.

    Great fasting is very long and strict, not everyone succeeds in keeping it, and it’s inhumane to plant children on such a strict diet, therefore, from the list of allowed foods, people make up a normal diet for three meals a day.

    Be sure to drink vitamins and maintain protein levels. During the period of fasting, animal products and fats are prohibited, but they are necessary for the body for normal functioning, if possible, replace animal proteins and fats with vegetable ones. Foods rich in protein - soybeans, beans, legumes, mushrooms. Products containing vegetable fats - avocados, nuts.

    Menus and Tips

    Basically, the food is prepared without oil and spices, occasionally allowed to use vegetable oil. For example, you can have oatmeal with candied fruit or cereal with juice for breakfast. At lunch, vegetable soup - soup or mushroom, potato patties with mushrooms or green onions and stewed cabbage. For dinner - a stew of vegetables (zucchini, eggplants, carrots, cabbage, potatoes, bell peppers and tomatoes), rye bread, fruit juice and fresh fruit.

    What to eat in Lent, and where to find it? Products allowed in the post can be easily found in stores, they are marked with special inscriptions and stickers, and during the post are put in prominent places.Among them you can find cereals, cereals, some types of cookies and even chocolate. These products are approved by the patriarch himself. In the cafe you can offer a special Lenten menu.

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