• What to do if the windows were icy on the car

    The most popular method is the use of scrapers. Using a scraper, you can quickly remove a layer of snow and ice. However, it is important to choose only high-quality scrapers with a protective layer, otherwise you can easily damage the glass. Frequent use of scrapers may cause scuffs or scratches on the glass. Therefore, it is better to use the scraper only in emergency situations when you need to quickly clean the glass from frost.

    A longer, but the most natural and safe way is to heat the glass from the inside. It is necessary to start the car engine and turn on the cabin heater and blowing glass. After a few minutes, the ice crust will gradually begin to fall.

    There are also chemical means of combating ice. All means are different and are separated by temperature gradation - this must also be taken into account.

    Another tool that helps to cope with frost is a cover that covers the windshield at night. The next morning the cover is removed, there is no frost on the glass.But it may also happen that the case will freeze to the paintwork of the car and damage it when removed.

    In order to prevent glass icing, storing the car in a dry garage is a better option. But not everyone has this opportunity, so you have to somehow get out of the situation. You can, before putting the car in the parking lot, ventilate the interior for a few minutes so that the temperature inside and outside is about equal to. This will eliminate the appearance of icing. You can also use special anti-freezing agents.

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