• What to do after the army ???

    I finished the 11th grade, but I didn’t pass very much, and I have a draft age, what to do. I think to serve, and then I will try to act as a retake, but I don’t know how, they say that after the army there’s no time for studies. but you want to unlearn normally in full-time studies. In general, what to do after the service, I want to get a profession of a programmer, well, I earn well, but my parents have no money (
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    Answered on June 30, 2015 12:20
    I do not know if those who study in secondary special educational institutions are being drafted into the army. You can enroll, for example, in a college programmer (there are usually lower grades), then after graduation you can enroll in an institution of higher education with a knowledge base - it will be easier for you than other applicants, perhaps immediately to a more advanced course you will go (at least, it was possible earlier, then you can specify in the selection committee). And as for the army, yes, there is such a thing, I want to rest. But it still depends on the person. There are those who rest so much, that then they hang around their parents' neck or lose all motivation to achieve something and go to the first suitable job.There are those who rest a little, then sit down at textbooks, study and go wherever they want. All in your hands.

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