• What temperature should be at home?

    January 26, 2015
    What temperature should be at home?

    The concept of heat in something very subjective. There are people who go to the frost in a jacket for one T-shirt, and there are those who are cold at plus 25. And often a person who is ten degrees Celsius is quite comfortable does not even suspect that he pays for heating, which is virtually absent. Therefore, uniform sanitary standards have been developed, in case of non-compliance with which it is time to write a complaint and demand recalculation.

    Winter performance

    Given the fact that many do not know what the temperature should be at home as a whole, it is not surprising that they all the more have not heard about the difference in different rooms. Almost everyone has heard somewhere that in winter, the thermometer in an apartment should not fall below +18. And practically no one knows that it is supposed to support +25 in a bathroom or combined bathroom. If the figure is lower - DEZ is obliged to correct the situation, and for the time when the temperature did not meet the norm, recalculate the amount for "communal". Even fewer people know what the temperature should be at home in the stairwell.Meanwhile, it is supposed that there was no colder +16. Even in the elevator should be at least +5. And if the batteries are cut down in the doorway - this is arbitrariness on the part of public utilities, and you pay for what you don’t receive.

    Summer months

    DeZy only responsible for the heating season. When the batteries are disconnected, you can only talk about comfortable degrees - if it is a question of what temperature should be at home, not at work. With thermometer readings above 28, life becomes difficult, and a constant temperature of +32 already threatens with complications of chronic diseases, especially in the cores, diabetics and hypertensive patients. By the way, this is why employers are obliged to provide employees with a temperature in the office of no more than +25.

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