• What properties does the black cherry have?

    Chokeberry, chokeberry, black chokeberry - all these are the names of a common shrub, growing, perhaps, in almost every garden. Someone likes the tart sweet-and-sour taste of mountain ash, someone planted it out of curiosity, but no doubt there is one thing left: the black wolf is a storehouse of useful substances for the body. That is why, having such a plant on a plot, one should take advantage of all its amazing properties.

    Composition and effect on the human body

    The useful properties of aronia are even spoken by its name, because in Greek "aros" means "good". However, the use of its healing power was not so long ago - only from the beginning of the 19th century. These berries have a rich vitamin and mineral composition, which is an indispensable companion of proper nutrition, helps to restore strength and improve immunity.

    Aronia contains vitamins such as A, C, P, B vitamins, as well as beta-carotene, E, PP, and K. In addition, they contain organic acids, pectin, anthocyanates, and tannins.Copper, magnesium, as well as iodine, cobalt and iron are among the most important elements in the composition of berries. The pulp contains amygdalin, coumarin and some other compounds.

    Since the fruit of the shrub contains iodine, they are recommended for people with various thyroid ailments, including toxic or diffuse goiter. In addition, thanks to the content of tannins, organic acids and pectin, choke helps to improve the digestive process, helps to cleanse the intestines and tones the body. The presence of these substances brings a man of invaluable benefits: they help eliminate stagnant processes in the large intestine, relieve swelling and spasms, help to remove excess bile from the body.

    The use of chokeberry in the food has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the vessels and the heart. As a prophylactic, rowan is recommended for atherosclerosis and high blood pressure. In addition, aronia is able to have an immunomodulatory effect and increases resistance to various infectious diseases.Regular use of a black apple can improve liver function and regulate endocrine processes.

    Blackberry juice is used as a first aid at home for poisoning with drugs containing arsenic. It is able to remove toxic compounds and heavy metals from the body, as well as radioactive substances, therefore it is recommended for regular use in areas with poor ecology.

    Chokeberry Aronia is a real vitamin pantry. Moreover, its properly dried berries also do not lose their amazing properties. Their use helps in the fight against obesity - anthocyanins contained in the flesh of the fruit, contribute to the regulation of body weight and block the feeling of hunger.

    Despite significant benefits, in some cases, this berry can harm health. Among contraindications to its use, the presence of a peptic ulcer in the acute stage, gastritis, hypotension, and too high blood clotting can be noted.

    Due to the high content of vitamin C, uncontrolled intake of chokeberry is contraindicated for those who have angina.This can lead to high blood clotting and the formation of blood clots, so before consuming berries it is best to first consult with your doctor.

    Application of chokeberry fruit

    A Chernoplodka is used not only in the treatment of certain diseases, but also in cooking. Today there are many recipes with aronia. The use of broth or juice based on it helps to improve the permeability of blood vessels, which is very useful for bleeding or radiation sickness.

    A decoction of black chokeberry berries is made from 20 g of fruit and a glass of boiling water. It is used not only as a delicious fruit drink, but also as a therapeutic agent for diabetes, allergic reactions and glomerulonephritis.

    The tincture of the black chokeberry, which, with regular application in an amount of 40-50 g per day, preserves the properties of fresh bush fruits.

    It is used as an immunomodulating, improving appetite, normalizing blood pressure and vascular strengthening means. Especially effective is such a tincture with honey, which only improves all its characteristics.To prepare the drink will need:

    • alcohol or vodka - 500 ml;
    • black fruit berries - 500 g;
    • honey - 2 tbsp.

    First you need to pour the fruit in a jar and add honey there. Then vodka is poured, after which the mixture is thoroughly mixed. The can is closed with a capron lid, after which it is placed in a warm and shaded place for 2-3 months.

    To improve the taste, it is recommended to shake the contents 1-2 times a week. The finished brew is filtered through a sieve or with gauze and bottled. The healing drink is stored in a dark place for an unlimited amount of time.

    Not less medicinal qualities and wine made from chokeberry. This drink, cooked with your own hands, will delight you with a rich taste, rich color and incomparable benefits. In order to make it at home, you will need:

    • 5 kg black berries;
    • 2 kg of sugar;
    • Unwashed raisins - 50 g;
    • 1 liter of boiled but cooled water.

    Fruits for making wine are harvested on a sunny day and carefully kneaded using fingers or mortar. The containers where the drink will be prepared should be glass or enameled.

    Puree, obtained earlier, you need to put in a container, pour back the remaining ingredients, mix, cover and put in a shaded area for a week.Every day, the resulting mass must be mixed.

    After 7 days you need to collect the pulp and squeeze the resulting juice. It is filtered through gauze and poured into a fermentation vessel. A water seal is placed on top of it or an ordinary rubber glove is put on.

    The separated cake is filled with warm water, after which the second half of the sugar is mixed into it and left for another week in a shaded, dark place.

    The resulting liquid is again filtered through a sieve and poured into a bottle with fermented juice. Now the composition should be stored for 2 to 4 months in a rather cool dark place, and you need to mix it every 2 days and filter it with a hose.

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