• What movie quality is better?

    Today, we increasingly find online video files of different picture and sound quality. But we do not always know what a short label next to these files means. And this is the answer to the question: what is the quality of the film better?

    Very low quality

    • CAMRip is a film shot from a screen in a cinema hall using a conventional camera without synchronization with a projector. The sound quality of such "masterpieces" is no good, there are interference in the form of extraneous conversation or public laughter. Video resolution - 720x336.
    • TS (TeleSync) is a recording by a professional camera (digital), which is mounted on a tripod, from the screen in an empty movie theater. The quality is slightly better than recording with a simple camera. Sound is recorded from the projector directly or from a separate output. Video resolution - 720x304.

    Low quality

    • VHSRip is a rip made from a VHS tape. The picture often has very bright colors. The quality of the film depends on the safety of the film. Video resolution - 720x480.
    • SCR (VHSScr) and DVDScr (Screener) is a rip from videotapes for film critics, the press. Image quality can be compared to good VHS, although the picture is “spoiled” by warning labels, watermarks. Sound - Dolby Surround or stereo.Video resolution - 720x404.

    Medium quality

    • TVRip is a recording from the TV. The image depends on the quality of signal reception, software, equipment and skills of the creator. The picture is comparable to DVDRip, although always, as a rule, the quality is worse. Video resolution - 692x416.
    • SATRip, DVBRip, DTVRip is an analogue of TVRip, but recorded from a satellite video signal, digital IP television or a terrestrial digital signal. This is a digital video MPEG2. As a rule, DVDRip is a bit worse. Video resolution - 704x512.

    Good quality

    From this point on, you will find out what the best quality films are.

    DVDRip is a rip from DVD. Quality is the best of the above. It depends on the software used in compression, the skill of the author and the codecs used. Sound - stereo MP3; 5-channel AC3; 6 channel Dolby Digital 5.1 or AC3. Video resolution - 720x384.

    excellent quality

    • HDRip is a rip with high definition source other than HDTV. Image quality is better than DVDRip. Video resolution - 704x384.
    • HDTVRip is a rip from HDTV broadcast satellite transmitting in HD (High Definition). Video resolution - 720x400, 1280x720.
    • HD DVDRip - compressed from the original HDDVD. There is some deterioration in quality in relation to the original. Video resolution - 720x400, 1280x720.
    • BDRip - pinched from Blu-Ray disc. There is some deterioration in quality in relation to the original.Video resolution - 720x400, 1280x720.

    Best quality

    • HD DVD is high definition video quality, but worse than Blu-Ray. Very nice picture. Video resolution - 1920x1080.
    • BDRemux - re-assembled in ts or mkv Blu-Ray container without compression, but with cut materials, subtitles and unnecessary audio tracks. Video resolution - 1920x1080.
    • BD, Blu-ray Disc (blue ray - blue ray, disc - disc) - the format of optical media. Video resolution - 1920x1080.

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