• What is the motherboard?

    Elena Lukash
    Elena Lukash
    April 16, 2013
    What is the motherboard?

    The motherboard is not just a link connecting computer components. It usually has a sound card, a network card, and sometimes a video card. As a rule, drivers for such embedded devices are downloaded on the official website. That's what this model needs to be known for. But how to find out which motherboard is installed, if for any reason there is no possibility to disassemble the system unit? In addition, not all motherboards indicate the name of the model.

    In general, the question “What is my motherboard?” Will be answered immediately if there is a box from under it or an instruction manual. Usually it is here that the necessary information is recorded. But when it is not, it remains to use the last way - the program.

    AIDA64 program

    You can find out which motherboard is worth using several programs. The first - AIDA64 (or former Everest)

    This program is considered the most popular and best of its kind.Not only does it show detailed information about all components of the PC (processor and associated devices, RAM, chipset, video adapter, BIOS, and others). It will also display information related to the operating system — it will give a complete description of Windows version, system drivers, processes, DLL files, DirectX, fonts, Windows updates, codecs, and the like. Plus - AIDA64 will allow you to conduct various tests of processor and "RAM" performance, and then compare the figures with any other models.

    In addition, AIDA64 has support for the Russian language. Despite the fact that this is a paid program, it has a 30-day trial period. You can download the “prog” right from, the dimensions will be approximately 12 MB.

    And now the crux of the matter: in order to use AIDA64 to find out which motherboard is on the computer, you need to install and run the “program”, then in the left pane find the Motherboard item and click on the icon in the center of the program.

    Program Piriform Speccy

    Despite the fact that the AIDA64 program has no direct analogs, there is a similar free program called Speccy.

    Its functionality is much less compared to AIDA64, but it is able to display a detailed report and show the model of the “motherboard”. There is a Russian language.However, it still has one unpleasant feature - the latest versions of the program can be closed at startup. So it is better to use older versions, for example, v1.13.276.

    To find out what is the motherboard, using the program Speccy, to install, run and wait until the PC update information. To get additional information about the system board, select the Motherboard item in the left part of the program.

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