• What is wrong with our fashion weeks?

    For any Russian-language edition of the fashion month of successive shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris - a holy time, when you need to "keep your hand on the pulse" of the news, send your chief editors to the show, discuss shows and guests, and then crumble with reviews of trends next season up to accessories. But what is interesting is that when the same event, called the fashion week, takes place in Moscow, the boom of the press is somehow subside, and three or four shows of someone famous and well-known with Ksenia Sobchak and Polina Gagarina as an invited diva in the first row. This October, with the Fashion Week in Moscow, the story was predictably repeated, and we decided to reflect on what is wrong with our shows and who is to blame for it.

    Our shows are not remembered

    Imagine that one day you will have a free rainy Sunday and you will want to look through out of pure curiosity what our designers have "invented" for the coming season, and maybe even promise yourself that you will consciously look for someone you like in the shops of the city.And now get ready for what you find there: it feels like about 90% of the collections are, if not deja vu, then just a banal circulation of things in nature. Yes, at times - with a decent visage, at times - with classically beautiful models, at times - with a fancy English-language name. But as soon as the collection window closes, you are no longer able to distinguish Erica Zaionts from Dasha Gauzer, Elena Tsokalenko from Elena Piskulina, although perhaps one particular dress was still deposited in your head and even at the time of viewing it awakened interested impulses . But this does not negate the main thing: our designers are not remembered, are not identified, and the general mass of those who are not indifferent to fashion users (even those who are familiar with a dozen western online stores) associate with a cohort of ghosts who sit out in silence so that they appear twice a year with its new - and still often more reminiscent of the regional mass market - collection and the next day again disappear into the unknown.

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