• Let's turn to the popular topic. To the topic of internet connection. It is no secret that there are several types of connections to the global web that allow us to work on Internet spaces. They all have different properties and different speeds. Let's talk in more detail about WiFi. So:

    What is wifi?

    The main difference between WiFi and another type of network is wireless. Nowadays, you can often watch different people who dine in a cafe and bring laptops with them. Why are they doing that? The fact is that many cafes are equipped with WiFi points that allow visitors to go online without using any wires. The point itself can be wired to an Internet source, or communicate with a larger WiFi center in the city in a wireless mode.

    Many people who understand the Internet technologies and have several computers or devices that work with the network at home, install mini WiFi points. Such devices are called WiFi routers. By installing one of these devices in the apartment you will have access to the Internet from anywhere in your home. Of course, the computer itself must be equipped with a device to access the Internet via a WiFi connection.As a rule, any laptop can go online via WiFi.

    Let's look at how you can connect multiple computers to a WiFi router in the apartment. Using this method, you not only connect computers with the Internet, but also connect them with each other.

    WiFi connection on the first computer:

    • Call the control panel and go to the control center of networks and public access.
    • Click on the option to manage wireless networks.
    • Click add.
    • Click create a computer-to-computer network and click next.
    • Choose any network name you want.
    • Select WEP security type.
    • Enter security keys. The key can be any, the main thing to remember.
    • Check the box to save the parameters of this network.
    • Click next and close.

    Now you need to connect WiFi on the second computer:

    • Turn on WiFi on the second computer.
    • Pay attention to the lower right corner of the desktop.
    • There you will see in the icon, which depicts two computers that a wireless network has appeared, under the name that you invented.
    • Click connect.
    • Enter the security key you used to create your wireless network.
    • Click OK.

    Now computers are connected via WiFi.

    Again we return to the first computer in order to configure it correctly:

    • Press the key to change the sharing options.
    • At each point you need to put Enable.
    • Save the changes.
    • Select Local Area Connection.
    • Select properties, then access.
    • Uncheck all items in which they stand.
    • If a dialog box appears, click Yes in each of them.
    • Click OK and close the menu.
    • Select Wireless Network Connection.
    • Open the properties of the connection.
    • Select Access.
    • It is necessary to remove all the checkmarks from the points in which they are. If dialog boxes appear, you must answer Yes everywhere.
    • Click OK and close the menu.
    • Select High Speed ​​Connection.
    • Select the properties and then the Access tab.
    • Check the box next to the checkbox that allows all other devices to use the connection of this computer.
    • Select Wireless Network Connection.
    • All other ticks need to be removed.
    • Click OK and close the menu.
    • Now you need to restart the high-speed connection. Select it at the bottom right and unplug it.
    • Now turn the wireless network connection back on.

    We return to the second computer:

    • You need to connect to a wireless network connection.
    • Enter the security keys you have invented and click OK.

    Now on two computers there is an Internet that uses a WiFi connection.

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