• What is whiskey?

    Natalya Vavilova
    Natalya Vavilova
    April 23, 2013
    What is whiskey?

    Fans of strong and expensive alcoholic beverages, certainly know what whiskey is. Dark noble drink consumed in its pure form and diluted. The second method of use is common, because whiskey can be a fortress up to 60% vol. The culture of drinking whiskey is rather ornate, they drink it slowly, from transparent glasses with a thick bottom.

    Whiskey making

    Whiskey can be made from different types of grain. Make a whiskey for a long time, observing sophisticated technology. Its main feature can be considered as long-term aging of the finished malt beverage in oak barrels. It is here that the whiskey is filled with aroma, acquires its amber color and taste. Scotch whiskey is aged in such barrels for 3 years, Irish - 5. Such types of drink are known that are aged in barrels for more than half a century.


    It is worth telling that blended whiskey. In fact, it is a mixed drink of malt whiskey and regular, grain. Blended whiskey is the most popular, it is produced mainly in Scotland.

    If you have never tasted whiskey, remember the taste of cognac.Of course, there is something in common between these drinks. They are made from different types of raw materials (brandy - from grape alcohol, whiskey - from cereals), but equally aged in oak barrels. If you do not like cognac - it is unlikely that you will like whiskey. Since it tastes sharper and not as subtle as that of brandy.

    But in general - every drink has its fans, whiskey as well.

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