• What is UNESCO?

    Yuri Belousikov
    Yuri Belousikov
    January 28, 2013
    What is UNESCO?

    As many know, there is a world organization for science, education and culture, which is called UNESCO. In the article we will describe in detail what UNESCO is and talk about its activities.

    UNESCO - transcript

    In fact, this name in Russian is just a transfer of English letters, the so-called transliteration. Therefore, we will have to decipher the English name. The literal translation of UNESCO means: United (United) Nations (Nations) Educational (by Education), Scientific (by Science) and Cultural (and by Culture) Organization (Organization). In Russian, it would sound like ONONOK - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, but this reduction did not stick, so we use the following designation copied into Russian - UNESCO.

    UNESCO activities

    Founded on November 16, 1945, that is, immediately after the end of the Great Patriotic War, the organization began active work aimed at restoring destroyed educational institutions and restoring monuments.The main goal of UNESCO is to establish cooperation between states in the field of culture, education and science, to solve problems of discrimination in the field of literacy and education, as well as to train national personnel for each state and, of course, to protect cultural objects of world significance. Here we will talk about this in a bit more detail.

    UNESCO World Heritage

    In 1972, the organization adopted the so-called Convention on the Protection of the World Heritage - Natural and Cultural, which entered into force in 1975. At annual sessions held since then, members of UNESCO decide on the inclusion of a cultural object in the World Heritage Fund. As soon as one or another natural zone or cultural object falls under the protection of an organization (they say: “it is under the auspices of UNESCO”), international norms prohibit any work and any construction, demolition and rebuilding without the knowledge of the Organization. More information about the activities of the organization can be found on the official website of UNESCO:.

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