• What is timber?

    Building houses from natural materials is not only a trend, but also a way to ensure a comfortable standard of living. It has long been established that the residents of wooden houses are less sick, they have a good sleep and excellent performance. Such buildings are being built of timber. Let's see what a timber is, what its types are and how they differ from each other.

    The concept of "timber"

    Beams call square-cut logs with a width of more than 10 cm hemmed on one or more sides. The maximum size is 40x40 cm. As a building material, wood is characterized by environmental friendliness, durability, and good heat saving indicators. A house made of resinous wood serves as a natural conditioner that saturates the space inside the house with bactericidal substances - phytoncides. Due to its lightness, a house from a bar does not require a solid foundation for itself, it is assembled quite easily and quickly. In some regions of Russia, timber for building a house is issued free of charge, which makes the construction process economical.

    Unlike logs, timber has the same width and height, which facilitates the process of assembling from it at home.Usually it is impregnated at the factory with special substances that give it water-repellent, fire-resistant, fungicidal properties. After this procedure, it must be dried, in the process of which it shrinks to 10%. Not dried timber is called a bar of natural humidity. This is the cheapest wooden material, since it requires 6-10 months of settling.

    Varieties of bars

    There are several types of bars:

    • profiled;
    • glued;
    • insulated;
    • rounded.

    Profiled timber

    If you are thinking about what a profiled beam is, then it is a beam that has special grooves for joining the individual elements together. The outer side is usually flat or semi-oval, and the inner side is always flat. With well-fitted joints between individual bars there are no gaps, which eliminates the need to caulk them. In addition, this design allows for construction in the shortest possible time.

    Glued laminated timber

    What is glued laminated timber? This is a production technology in which a timber is formed from glued together and pressed boards.With its help, it turns out to produce bars of considerable length with a minimum shrinkage of 1%. A kind of glued laminated timber is a D-shaped timber. Its outer side is given a convex shape, so that the houses from it look like a log.

    Insulated timber

    Insulated timber is also a type of glued laminated timber, in which specially made holes are filled with cellulose. This timber does not need additional finishing and allows you to build a house in 2-3 months.

    Round timber

    Round timber is a log of circular cross section, which exactly fit between each other at the place of production. After that they are marked, disassembled and delivered to the place of assembly. Builders need only to re-assemble them in accordance with the marking.

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