• What is the manufacturing technology of papyrus?

    Natalya Chekanova
    Natalya Chekanova
    April 1, 2013
    What is the manufacturing technology of papyrus?

    At a certain stage of human development, it became necessary to record knowledge. At first it was done on stones, then on clay tablets. They were replaced by more convenient writing materials, for example, papyrus. What is it and how was papyrus made?

    The reed rustled ...

    The inventors of this "paper" were the Egyptians, who made it from the III millennium BC. er In Greece, papyrus was sold already in the VII century. BC e., and later to Rome.

    The word "papyrus" comes from the name of the plant Tsiperus papyrus, growing on the banks of the Nile. By the way, the tsiperus growing on some windowsills is its relative and a miniature copy.

    Life in ancient Egypt is hard to imagine without papyrus. This reed (in our opinion - reed) was distributed everywhere. Leaves covered the roof, made rugs, shoes. The plant reached 3 m in length, the stems were strong and light, fibrous structure. Of them weaved boats, the reliability of which in the twentieth century.proved the team of traveler T. Heyerdahl.

    Ancient paper

    How exactly the Egyptians realized that you can make “paper” out of papyrus is not known. But what is the technology of manufacturing papyrus - this information reached us thanks to the Roman historian Pliny.

    Peeled stalks were cut into thin strips. They are tightly, overlapped laid on a flat surface with two perpendicular layers, and left under pressure. The stalk strips are firmly glued together due to the adhesive properties of the sap of the plant.

    When the sheets dried, the irregularities were smoothed with hammers. Then they equaled the edges and glued the sheets into long ribbons (scrolls), observing the direction of the fibers. The seams were smoothed so carefully that the joints are almost invisible.

    The highest quality papyrus was obtained from the core of the stems. This "paper" was durable, elastic. They wrote on it the juice of plants, soot. It is believed that unnecessary records washed away, and reused papyrus.

    But not only the Egyptians made from plants the material for writing. In China, there was rice paper, in Russia birch bark (birch bark).

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