• What is the nomenclature?

    Galina Mirzahmedova
    Galina Mirzahmedova
    May 16, 2015
    What is the nomenclature?

    The word "nomenclature" is used in many sciences, meaning it is a definite list or a list (from the Latin nomenclatura). What is a scientific nomenclature: it is a set of symbols, terms and names that are used in this industry, and are necessary to designate objects of study, processes, etc.

    The terminology is similar to the nomenclature. The best developed nomenclature in such sciences as chemistry and biology. Just biology uses the so-called “binary nomenclature” to designate the names of biological objects (animals, plants, etc.).

    What is the nomenclature: other values


    • Abstract and conditionally accepted concepts are also considered as a nomenclature by which certain objects and processes are called, and this system is the most convenient and practical.
    • The nomenclature is sometimes called the circle of (high) officials and officials who are appointed by their superiors. For example, in Soviet times, the nomenclature was the authorities, in fact, "untouchable."Even when committing various kinds of official mistakes or crimes, such officials did not dismiss or shift, but only transferred to similarly high positions, but in another sphere or in another settlement.

    The term can be used in this expression: "The zoological nomenclature has more than 200 thousand species of animals."

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