• What is the edge?

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    What is the edge?

    The word face can have a lot of interpretations. It is used in geometry, mathematics, jewelry, architecture, as well as in many films.In this article we will take a closer look at what the edge is.

    The edge is ...

    • In geometry. A facet in geometry is a body that is bounded by a closed surface. Also, a face is called the closed surface itself. A face in a plane is a geometric figure, for example, the face of a tetrahedron is a triangle. What is a parallelepiped face? This is a rectangle.
    • In jewelry. In jewelry, a facet implies a method of cutting, which is essential. The cut method, which includes measuring the boundaries of the future gemstone, is a quality criterion that ultimately affects the value of the product.
    • In philosophy, the edge usually understand the distinctive feature, originality of something. For example, the edge of culture.
    • in architecture, a face is a pole that has a notch. Usually this pillar served as a mark denoting the beginning of possessions.
    • In math.Facet in mathematics is called the upper and lower boundaries of the number set. Moreover, the upper bound is usually called the majorant, and the lower is the minorant.
    • The brink of a television series. Also known as "The Edge" was the famous American science fiction television series, which was broadcast on Fox TV. This series was the idea of director JJ Abrams. The series consists of 5 seasons and is distinguished by rather long episodes, each of which includes 50 minutes of timekeeping.

    What does it mean to be on the verge

    This expression applies to many situations. For example, so they say about people who are ready to break and scandal. Example: "She was on the verge of scandal." Also, this expression is used in many sports disciplines. Example: "To be on the verge of a foul (violation of the rules)."

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