• What is the dream of the lake?

    Perebasova Evgenia
    Perebasova Evgenia
    August 6, 2012
    What is the dream of the lake?

    In the dream, did you sail a beautiful lake by boat? What is the dream of the lake? If you are in love and swam on the lake alone, then it threatens you to part with your loved one. If swimming on the lake with clean water in the company of friends, this means that you will be very pleased with your prosperous life.

    If you just saw the lake, then the decryption of sleep will depend on the weather over it. If it was clear and calm, then you and your loved one will have a complete idyll. If on the contrary, the lake was raging, it was gloomy, then there will be many obstacles and squabbles on the way to your happiness with your loved one. If the lake was completely dry, you will have tears.

    A lake with dirty water and gloomy landscapes promises a wreck of plans. If the water in the lake is clean, but the landscape around is still sad, it means that you may lose your well-being, be careful.

    If your lake is teeming with disgusting creatures that every now and then tried to attack you, then you will soon be overtaken by remorse caused by your idleness, which led to the deterioration of affairs.

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