• What is adequacy?

    Nadezhda Manko
    Nadezhda Manko
    March 19, 2013
    What is adequacy?

    Our life is very rich in all kinds of situations. In these situations, there are people who behave depending on their character. But when we did not expect this or that behavior from them, and their behavior somehow deviates from the generally accepted norms, then this usually causes a sense of sharp criticism. And often they say about such people: “They do not behave adequately.” Consider what is adequacy, what constitutes this concept.

    The general concept of adequacy

    The word “adequacy” can be put on a par with the word “identity” or “conformity”. In general, adequacy concerns human behavior. It is said that a person behaves adequately, or inadequately. What does this mean? Adequate behavior is the behavior of a person who meets social norms, the rules of a culture. For example, coming to visit, first of all a person should be greeted with the owners, such behavior will be adequate. Now imagine that someone will come to you and not say hello.This is what we usually call inappropriate behavior, because it does not meet the standards of communication. Now you know what the adequacy and inadequacy in the behavior of people, we realized.

    Often the concept of adequacy implies the ability of a person to understand a particular situation. It is often said about such people that this is an adequate person, because he can understand his interlocutor and rather discreetly react to his words, emotional expression. But again, the very balance in an adequate person is a manifestation of compliance with the rules of behavior.

    Adequacy in the sciences

    But the concept of adequacy is found not only in psychology. It is also used in other sciences, for example, in mathematics, in econometrics, and in others. There are used various models, which undergo such research as checking for adequacy. This means that the developers of any model expect the desired result, of course, determined on the basis of calculations. And checking the model for adequacy, the model developers determine whether there can be some other result of the work, whether the object under investigation can fail.If all expectations and calculations are confirmed, then it is said that such an object is adequate.

    In our practice, the term "the adequacy of perception." This is a characteristic of the process of perception, based on the invariance of the basic properties of the image.

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