• What is the address bar?

    December 22, 2014
    What is the address bar?

    People who are just beginning to comprehend the basics of the Internet, many terms in this area are not clear. For example, not everyone will be able to explain what an address bar is, where it is and why it is needed.

    What is the address bar for?

    The address bar is a text field that is located at the very top of the browser. The address bar contains the address of the site or web page on which the user is currently or is going to go. So, for example, if you go to the main page of our site, then in the address bar you will see the following - elhow.ru. An example of the address of a specific web page is in front of your eyes - just look at the narrow browser window at the top of this page:

    The address bar, as we have said, is designed to enter the website address or a specific web page. The address in the line is recorded in the form of a URL (Uniform Resource Location) - the standard way to record a website or web page on the Internet. To get to the site or page, after entering the address in the address bar, press the Enter button,and you will move to the specified address.

    Useful tips for beginners

    Beginners will also be helpful to know the following:

    • If you want to copy the address in the address bar and then paste it to some other place (for example, save it in a text document or send it to someone in a message), do the following: paste the cursor into the address bar window, then simultaneously press the Ctrl key combination + A, then Ctrl + C, then move to where you want to paste the address, and press Ctrl + V.
    • Modern browsers use a smart address bar. Many users often confuse the concepts of "address bar" and "search string" by entering verbal queries in the address bar. Previously, the address bar was intended solely for entering addresses in the URL format, but now the user can enter his query in this field in the form of ordinary words (examples: "why is it cold in winter", "watch a movie online", "wallpaper") , press Enter, and the search engine will produce results for the query.
    • The address bar in each specific browser has its own characteristics; it can be configured in different ways.
      • So, for example, if you need information on how to set up a search in the address bar, then you will find general brief instructions on this issue.
      • If you use the Mozilla Firefox browser, you will find a lot of useful information about the address bar in this browser on.
      • And if you prefer Google Chrome, then you may find the information provided at.

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