• What is priority?

    Vera Melnikova
    Vera Melnikova
    December 19, 2014
    What is priority?

    Russian language is a developing phenomenon. He is constantly updated with new words. Especially in the language there are many foreign words that come from other languages. There are many reasons for this, but first of all it is the cooperation of countries with each other, the emergence of various ties in all spheres of public life.

    That is how the word “priority” came to the Russian language. What is priority, what does this word mean? Let's figure it out.

    Word meanings

    Priority - from the Latin prior, which means "first, senior." Thus, this word denotes importance, the primacy of something. Consider the cases of the use of this word.

    • Priority in the time of discovery or creation of something. For example: "The USSR had a priority in space exploration."
    • Priority in creating something, in some kind of discovery, innovation. For example: "Priority in the creation of laser equipment."
    • Priority in obtaining any rights, benefits. For example: "Veterans of the Great Patriotic War have priority in obtaining housing."
    • The importance of something for a person.For example: "The priority of moral qualities when choosing an employee to work."

    From the noun “priority”, it is possible to form the adjective “priority”, denoting the attribute of something that has primacy, the greatest rights. For example: "The priority right to use the latest technologies."

    Spheres of use

    • In colloquial speech, this word is more often replaced by the word "primacy." Therefore, for the majority of people it is not commonly used.
    • The word "priority" is typical of book styles: scientific, official business.
    • It is possible to use it in a journalistic style, for example, when writing an article about something, during a speech at a conference or business meeting.

    Much depends on the level of education, culture of a particular person, on the sphere of his activity. For certain individuals, the word “priority” is often used, for example, for politicians, businessmen, scientists.

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