• What is mulled wine?

    December 19, 2014
    What is mulled wine?

    Perhaps, in all countries where there are severe winters, they know what mulled wine is. His recipes differ not only depending on the country, but also on the tastes of the person who prepares it. However, the essence remains common: heated wine with spices. The drink is simply indispensable in the cold during mass celebrations: it helps people warm themselves in the cold without hiding in apartments and cafes. The essential advantage of mulled wine is that it is not strong - they can, of course, get drunk, but they will have to drink quite a lot.


    For the preparation of mulled wine traditionally taken dry red wines. An essential ingredient is also sugar (or honey). From spices, ginger, cloves, lemon, cardamom and cinnamon are laid almost everywhere, but the list can be significantly expanded. All spices are applied whole, not crushed, so that before serving it was easier to catch them from the drink. Sometimes raisins, apples or nuts are added to mulled wine. And the main condition for the preparation of this hot drink: the wine should not boil.


    During the winter holidays in the same Germany, in the squares, mulled wine can be served in plastic cups. However, if you order it in civilized conditions (for example, in a cafe, even if it is open), you will be offered a drink in a mug like a beer, or in a glass similar to a wine glass, but with a thick glass and a handle. In such containers, mulled wine cools slower and does not burn his lips to those who drink it.

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