• What is manti?

    Natalya Kosenko
    Natalya Kosenko
    February 19, 2015
    What is manti?

    Manty is a traditional Asian meat dish, but what manti is is known far beyond the borders of Asia. Manty are finely chopped meat with various vegetable additives, wrapped in thin dough and steamed.

    Below we present some useful tips for cooking manti.

    Secrets of cooking manti

    1. Filling. Traditional manty are cooked with meat stuffed with lamb, horse meat, camel meat. In the West, for these purposes use beef or pork. If the meat is dry, you can add small pieces of fat, poultry meat. The first feature of cooking stuffing for manti is that meat is minced with a knife, not a meat grinder. The second is that a lot of finely chopped onion is added to the meat (50% of the volume of meat). Thanks to this filling it turns out unusually juicy and tasty. In some Asian countries, pumpkin slices are added to the meat.
    2. Formation. The form of manti can be varied and depends only on the skill and imagination of the cook: rectangular, square, triangular, in the form of a small bag.Manty can be completely closed or have a small hole on top.
    3. Cooking To make the dish really tasty, you need to know how to cook manti. For this there is a special device kaskan. It is a large pot, on the bottom of which water is poured, and on top are installed grates with manti in several tiers. This method of cooking in a water bath allows you to keep the shape of the dish and gives it a special taste.

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