• What is made of oil?

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    What is made of oil?

    Today, humanity cannot imagine its life without such a natural resource as oil. In human life, it plays a very significant role, so many would like to know exactly how oil is used. The products obtained from petroleum are very diverse and are widely used in industry, ranging from plastic, packages and ending with cosmetics and fuel. The article will tell you what they do from oil.


    The most basic product of oil refining is fuel. It is on the manufacture of fuel consumes the bulk of the oil. Through numerous processing all types of fuel are obtained, such as kerosene, gasoline, diesel fuel, fuel oil, etc.

    From the oil after receiving the fuel there are products that are used for the manufacture of other things.


    Plastic is now literally everything. Office equipment, household items, toys and much more. Plastic is convenient in that it can take any form. Here it is worth mentioning the polyethylene from which the bags and packaging materials are made.


    Another important material derived from petroleum is nylon.Nylon is widely used in industry. Tights are made from it, parts of bearings, parachute elements, strings for guitars, etc.


    Today, almost all cosmetics are made from petroleum products. One ofOf oilproducts - this is petroleum jelly. In addition to cosmetic purposes, petroleum jelly is also used in medicine. Oil products are also used in soaps, shampoos, powders and any other detergents as surfactants. Such cosmetics as lipstick also incorporates petroleum products such as paraffin, ceresin, etc.


    Even in medicine, oil is used. Petroleum products such as benzene and hydrocarbons are used to make aspirin.


    Paraffin is also a product of oil refining. Paraffin is used for the manufacture of ski lubricants, lubricants of wooden rubbing parts, candles, paraffinOf oilpencils and more.

    Chewing gum

    As if this did not sound strange, but chewing gum also has in itself the products of oil refining. Polymers are added to it in order to have its stretching properties.

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